July 10, 2018  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.    

COUNTDOWN:  There remain 925 m0re days in this criminal misadministration’s term in office…

Happy Monday, everybody! For reasons I’ll never understand, I was locked out of both my email account AND my WordPress account which hosts this site over the holidays, and have just now been able to return.  Regretfully, I lost a great podcast by my podcaster-in-chief, Burr Deming, in the process, but now that I’m up and running again, the genius of Mr. Deming will resume here next Monday. Below is something I composed over the holidays, when I was shut out…

“Government by organized money is just as dangerous as government by organized mob!”
– President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in 1936 – 
Along with that very wise quote by FDR some 82 years ago, I would add that those who deliberately incite mob action in pursuit of their own self-centered aims should, and MUST, be solidly rejrcted by all who love free government! 
It is no secret that our Presi-dunce, Donald Chump, is a very insecure and unstable person. He claims to love chaos, and that is exactly what he has brought us, as the record number of resignations among important presidential staff members and the half-baked policy initiatives he has vainly tried to implement plainly prove. Chump  hides this instability, however, quite effectively among those who are not very accustomed to him, and definitely among numerous “low information” voters who still follow and believe in him, by presenting a phony and bold, “tough guy” persona, and also by practicing a form of winning through intimidation. He also lies about everything – constantly. He is deathly afraid of being seen as an illigitimate president, which explains why he is continually misstating the true size of his vote totals in 2016. Though Hillary Clinton actually defeated him by roughly 3 million popular votes, Chump was able to win enough electoral votes with razor-thin margins in certain key states to enable him to win the White House. His victory was truly a sad day for this country and the entire world. 
Chump is fond of holding campaign-style rallies (in reality appealing to and inciting organized mob allegiance), and has held a number of them since taking office. He likes these because he and his henchmen can seed the crowd with cheering supporters and weed out potential hecklers in advance. Doing this in front of TV cameras enables him to project an illusion of wild enthusisasm among the public, which is patently FALSE! If not pouting like the spoiled little brat he truly is, Chump typically wears a demented-looking grin and struts around like a proud peacock during these events. In a recent one he did before 6500 supporters in the state of Wisconsin, he typically rambled on, telling one lie after another, and castigating his opponents in the process. He talked about how he had been the only Republican presidential candidate to win that state since Dwight Eisenhower did in the 1950s (when, in reality, a number of Republicans have won Wisconsin over the years since then), and he also claimed that Wisconsin was the only state to not have voted for the Republican victor in the Reagan landslide re-election of 1984 – when it was actually neighboring Minnesota which voted against Reagan that year). But facts like these mean little to Chump, as he has proven repeatedly over time. He is much more interested in spreading falsehoods and disinformation – just as long as it suits his purpose or benefits HIM. 
Chump’s support for, and admiration of, repressive foreign dictators is truly anti-American, anti-democracy, and violates not only the Constitution which he has pledged to defend and protect, but also violates the basic principles and ideals this nation was founded upon! 
In this latest Wisconsin rally, Chump once more launched an attack on Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, whom he has repeatedly and disparagingly referred to as “Pocahontas” – mocking her claim to have Native American heritage in her ancestry because she has blonde hair and fair skin color. He also mocked the #Metoo Movement while doing so. He made a number of other wise-ass cracks and claims as well, and even belittled the ailing former Republican President George H. W. Bush for his use of “1.000 points of light” as a campaign theme in1988. Chump claimed he didn’t understand that, and inferred that his Chumpian theme of “making America great again” was a much better one. What a low and despicable son of a bitch Chump is! 😞 Naturally, though, Chump completely avoided mentioning the fact that he and his misadministration have been deliberately separating immigrant children from their parents at our southern border since last March, and have deported these parents but have put their separated children into detention camps instead. What a thoroughly vile bastard
Chump is destroying his adopted party, and has caused many true and genuinely honorable conservatives to leave it – among which have been longtime Republican strategist and 2008 presidential campaign manager Steve Schmidt; conservative writer George F. Will; plus former White House aide under ptrdident George W. Bush, Nicole Wallace – and there will soon be many more to come! All are aghast at his grandstanding, boisterous, offensive behavior and lack of self-control; his wanton recklessness; his repeated lying; his lack of knowledge in key areas; his ignorance of facts and precedent; and his obvious lack of respect for conventional presidential norms.
WORST of all, though, is the way Chump and his reactionary Republicans have sneakily behind-the-scenes been packing our legal system with backward-looking judicial appointees. The newly nominated Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh is but the tip of a dangerous iceberg which will guarantee decades of conservative dominatin and influence from the bench, and, very regrettably, we on the left are basically powerless to do anything to counteract this.
That is why IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT WE TAKE BACK CONTROL OF THE HOUSE AND SENATE OVER THE NEXT TWO ELECTIONS, AND BOOT CHUMP AND HIS HORRIBLE PARTY OUT OF OFFICE AS SOON AS POSSIBLR!!! If you can’t stand Chump and are as alarmed as I am at the wrong direction this country is now heading in, YOUR vote is CRUCIAL this fall and in 2020, so make sure you get out and VOTE!!!
Chump’s antics remind this blogger of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh – they are far too pompous, smug, ignorant, and autocratic for the republic we have fought so hard for, and for so long to protect. All I will say about them is to plead with this bombastic scumbag to “spare us, O Pharaoh, and let our people GO!” This November, a giant blue tidal wave will rise up and should carry this demented criminal Chump and all of his sorry followers and enablers away – hopefully,  permanently
RESIST and PREVAIL, fellow countrypersons!   ! WE SHALL OVERCOME!!! 😊

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