Aug, 9, 2018  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.  

COUNTDOWN: This is NOT “fake news” (I wish it WERE!), but there are still a miserable 888 days yet to go in this utter imposter’s misadministration…

Like what I believe to be is a clear majority of Americans, this blogger has a severe case of TRUMP FATIGUE!  Ever since 2015, when he started his campaign for the presidency, we who actually pay attention to daily events and value truth have been subjected to a literal barrage of LIES and false claims by this very sorry son of a bitch who now occupies the Oval Office. Our individual and collective intelligence is insulted numerous times each day, and this blogger is sick to death of it!

Who IS this idiot, anyway? Those who have visited this blog regularly over the years  are well aware of the fact that I have absolutely zero respect for his leadership “ability” or knowledge about an incredible number of topics. In fact, I have chosen to call him “Presi-dunce CHUMP” rather than by using his given name, as I believe, with good reason, that he is a fraud and con-man who managed to fleece just enough people in 2016 in certain key “rust belt” states to narrowly win the election in the woefully outdated and unnecessary Electoral College.

Chump, being a horribly insecure and unstable narcissist, craves and even demands constant attention from the media and insists on acceptance and complete loyalty from all around him. Being a vile narcissist, he rarely – if ever – returns  that acceptance or loyalty to others. We see this in the fact that he is continually critical of a great many public figures, and constantly calls them by childish, scornful nicknames, and is repeatedly  holding rallies, where only his staunchest supporters are allowed to attend.  There, they and he are placed before TV cameras, each supporter holding a pro-Chump banner, wildly and deliriously clapping (almost on cue) whenever he throws out an appropriate amount of red meat for them to chew on. We constantly hear him repeat the same old stale, tired phrases (e.g. Bob Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 elections is a “witch hunt”; “there was NO COLLUSION!”; “don’t believe the ‘fake news’ you  hear in the media”; “I beat ‘crooked Hillary’ by a landslide”; “I won Wisconsin, where no Republican has won since Dwight Eisenhower”; “the ‘fake news media’ are enemies of the people”; “It was the Democrats and ‘crooked Hillary’ who colluded with Russia, not me”; “reporters are some of the most dishonest liars in the world”; “the Democrats want to raise your taxes”:”it is a good thing that we are now friends with Putin”), and on and on he’ll go, ad nauseum. The sad fact is that most of what he says is composed of  half-truths, at best – or blatant LIES! He absolutely loves the adulation of a crowd, even if that crowd had been pre-selected to exclude any anti-Chump demonstrators.  This liar-in-chief avoids questions from the media (as they would undoubtedly be controversial and would conflict with past lying statements he has made), and the way his blind and adoring followers seem to be mesmerized by the lies he tells them is not only disgusting, but frightening as well. This self-centered jerk is a major  embarrassment to all concerned and informed American voters!

He has surrounded himself with equally narcissistic charlatans, as was reported in my previous July 30 post, and has managed to recast the Republican Party in his own image and likeness.  He has chosen to ally himself with criminals like insider-trader Chris Collins, Mike Flynn, Rick Gates, Michael Cohen, and Paul Manafort, as well as prostitutes and porn stars. Former House Speaker John Boehner, who is now retired, has said, “there is no longer a Republican Party – it is now the party of Trump.” Current House Speaker Paul Ryan will also be retiring in January, and growing numbers of GOP House members will be joining them. Long time Republicans like John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign chairman Steve Schmidt, former GOP House members David Jolly and Joe Scarborough, former Bush-era White House aide Nicole Wallace, and longtime Republican lecturer and educator Richard Painter have all left the party brcause of Chump’s lying and bombastic excesses, and a number have even urged their fellow Republicans to vote Democratic in November’s midterms.

There is little doubt that Chump has transformed the GOP in a negative way. It is hard for this blogger to offer any sympathy for them. After all, they have greatly added to our record disparity in wealth; they passed a  thoroughly unneeded tax cut bill that benefitted mainly  the wealthy (at Chump’s insistence), which will inevitably explode the national debt and will definitely become a burden to poor and lower middle class-income citizens in the near future; they stood idly by as Chump most deliberately separated
innocent young immi-grant refugee children from their 0wn parents at our southern border – and then whisked them away to detention centers hundreds of miles distant (turning him into the kidnapper-in-chief); and damn few have stood up to him for the way he has allowed himself to become Putin’s bitch and has naively praised murderous North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un; plus, they stood by impotently and enabled Chump to impose ridiculously unneeded tariffs on imported goods which will cost American farmers and consumers alike dearly down the road!

This is precisely why it is totally IMPERATIVE for voters to throw these CON-servative Republicans out of office this fall, followed by Chump in 2020! The time has come to replace these bought-out fools with Progressives and Democrats to restore the voice working people and American voters have lost in the past year and a half we have been suffering with this Trump epidemic!



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