January 10, 2019  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.  

COUNTDOWN: Every day and in every way, we are slowly getting closer -there are now just 734 days left in this putrid Trump presidency!

With the installation of Nancy Pelosi again as Speaker of the House last week, we have entered a new, hopefully much better, era in American politics. Her swearing-in was a beautiful sight to behold: surrounded as she was by her grandchildren and the children and grandchildren of many other House members, I got a look at what should certainly be a newer, much more inclusive time for our democracy. New Democratic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI ) wasted no time in getting down to brass tacks, by exclaiming about Trump, “We’re going to impeach that motherf**ker!”

This outburst seemed to herald the beginning of the end, or, at the very least, the end of the beginning, for the most hateful and inept of all American presidencies ever – that of the hapless and useless Donald Trump. This overly-vain and horribly insecure fool has proven many times over that he is not only a spoiled man-child who is  chronically unhappy, but is in waaaayyyy over his head and is thoroughly unfit for the job he has been holding. The markets, which hate uncertainty, have been fluctuating wildly due to the unneeded protectionist policies Trump has initiated. His tariffs have already had a negative impact on our economy and the prevailing outlook expressed by most economists is one of much slower growth this year. Some even feel there may be a recessi0n lurking on the horizon. This volatility, coupled with Trump’s constant lying, have led to a great deal of uncertainty – and that is not good.

Trump held a meeting with congressional Democrats in which the first 15 minutes was composed of his cursing at them. As a self-proclaimed “deal -maker” that is hardly the way to begin a negotiation! It demonstrates that he is nothing more than a crude, domineering narcissist bully who has zero regard for anyone but himself. This charlatan will do anything to grab attention for himself, and that is despicable!

Then he held an hour-long press briefing on the White House lawn, in which he said little of importance  but reiterated his claim that we need some type of impenetrable barrier to keep terrotosts from entering our country via our southern border. Despite valiant efforts by reporters to get him to identify who these terrorists are or where they are coming from, he very arrogantly  brushed aside their questions and asserted that he has the ability to expand his executive power to provide security for the country. He claimed, very incorrectly, that he could have the military construct a barrier by declaring a “state of emergency” and could thereby bypass Congress and pay for it using funds previously approved for other purposes. This, of course, greatly exceeds his powers and lawsuits would very quickly prove it to be completely unconstitutional. Such paranoia! Such ignorance! Along with this veiled threat, he claimed that we are reaping “billions” in new revenue from China due to his tariffs, and that steel companies and automobile manufacturers are once more thriving due to his anti-NAFTA efforts. In such a barrage of gobbledygook nonsense, the press and other truth-seekers have little to grab onto factually. It would have been far better if Trump had never even bothered to face the media.  

On Tuesday night, Trump gave an easily forgettable short speech from the Oval Office about the “crisis” we face at our southern border regarding “illegals” who constantly stream over it, bringing in drugs and causing outbreaks of crime. This goof just doesn’t understand that hordes of illegal immigrants are NOT invading us and that the number of arrests at our border was a mere SIX last year – nowhere near the “thousands” he has been claiming! This man is an unstable paranoid who must be removed grom office as soon as possible!  

We have never encountered such a blatant megalomaniac as Donald Trump, and it is my sincere hope we NEVER AGAIN will elect such a delusional pathological liar. Trump makes Dick Nixon, George W. Bush, and DICK Cheney look like angelic choirboys  in comparison. This arrogant pig dismissed the notion of being impeached by saying “you can’t impeach somebody when they’re doing a good job.” That is utterly insane. Depriving hundreds of thousands of federal employees from getting paid due to his preposterous shutdown of government is NOT “doing a good job!” Nor is his ludicrous claim that the majority of those who have been thrown out of work by this acti0n strongly support what he has been trying to do with this shutdown! Wednesday, this arrogant pig abruptly walked out of a meeting with congressional leaders aimed at reaching a solution to this unjustified shutdown. Who the hell does Trump think he is, amyway?

Let us hope we are, in fact, seeing the beginning of the end of his wretched, delusional, dishonest, self-serving presidency.

In the immortal words of the great Lord Jesus Christ: “BEGONE, SATAN!”
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