January 24, 2019  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.

COUNTDOWN: It is with solemn horror that I state today how there remain an unbearable 720 more days left in this criminal Trump’s term in office…    

Being human and therefore imperfect, all of us have lied at some point in our lives. Some of us have told small “white lies” to perhaps protect the feelings of someone around us that we care about. Many, though, have done so  frequently – sometimes out of fear; sometimes out of a deep-rooted need to be accepted, or to appear bigger than what we truly are; sometimes out of insecurity; and sometimes out of pure weakness. It is a symptom of our failure to properly deal with the reality of the moment.

Regrettably, some are pathological liars who are mentally sick and can’t help it. We have all seen a number of those in our lifetimes. I thought recently of the many liars I have encountered over the years: those whose lies were so frequent and egregious that they left a permanent, negative impressi0n on me. In today’s post I have decided to list some of them. Perhaps some of you will agree with the ones I am listing – and perhaps you may suggest others.  

Here are some of the more noteworthy ones on my list:

 1. Former Democratic President Lyndon Baines Johnson, Ol’ “Lyin’ Lyndon” lied repeatedly about our involvement in the Vietnam War (among many other things).  He was an early father of what became known in the media as a “credibility gap.” He lied to scare us into accepting his way and to keep him and other like-minded Denocrats of that time in power.  The sad fact, though, is that his lies cost him power, split his party into warring factions, and led to the rise of conservative forces which soon dismantled his noble “Great Society” social agenda. He meant well, but his lies proved to short-circuit his efforts…  

 2. Former Republican President Richard M. Nixon. Known by many throughout his life as “Tricky Dick”, this man was an insecure and chronic liar  who, using fear as his weapon, lied himself into a term, and then an aborted second 0ne, in office. His paranoia caused him to see enemies all around him and led to his being the only president to ever have to resign from the presidency – so far – in the country’s history.  

3. Ollie North, a despicable former decorated soldier whose fanaticism and participation in the Iran Contra Affair – an attempt at illrgslly selling arms to foreign forces trying to overthrow a democratically-elected leftist Sandinista government in Nicaragua, nearly brought down the presidency of  Ronald Reagan more than three decades ago. Regarded by some as a hero, this blogger has always viewed him as a defiant and very misguided liar  who would stop at nothing to achieve his anti-communist aims.

4. Ferdinand Marcos, the former president and eventual despot who ruled the Philippines with an iron-fist, killed democracy on that island for many years. He and his piggish wife, Imelda, were as corrupt as corrupt can be, and plundered that country’s meager resoueces for their own private benefit. Eventually deposed, this deluded and paranoid criminal amassed and tortured far too many political prisoners in his horrific dictatorial reign!  

5. Karl Rove, the “brains” behind the rise of president Bush II, lied that unqualified jerk into the Oval Office, for not only one, but two full terms. This conniving liar was a tremendous ass-kisser to both Bush presidents and never hesitated to spout out massive untruths if they could further his aims.

6. DICK Cheney, former VICE-president under George W. Bush. This gigantic manipulative liar preyed on the far less-equipped W to successfully demonize the opposition and to lie us into a bloody, costly, and completely unnecessary war in Iraq. This guy is a war-criminal who should be tried, convicted, and sentenced to a lifetime in prison, at hard labor!

7, Former Democratic President Bill Clinton  had a difficult time keeping his fly zipped up. This guy had a penchant for preying on innocent women and especially trusting and enamored early-20s ones. His sexual affairs culminated in the damaging allegations brought on by one of his young victims, Monica Lewinsky, and may very well have led indirectly to the defeat of his well-qualified wife, Hillary, in her unsuccessful bid for the presidency in 2016. A real and unnecessary tragedy brought on by his lying and chronic unfaithfulness!  

8, Former Speaker of the House Paul RUIN (Ryan). This atrociously partisan goofball was a blight on our federal government, and it’s a damn good thing he retired and failed to be elected vice president in 2012! His ideas on the economy would have been an absolute disaster, had they ever been implemented. Good riddance, RUIN!

9, Current (and hopefully soon-to-be-retired) Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. This constipated turtle has no viable agenda and nothing positive can be said about his cowardice and the meandering moves he has made to stay in power and get as many Republicans elected to the Senate as he could. Let us hope he is soundly defeated in 2020 – and that it will put him as far out of our misery as possible permanently then!

10. Fox “News” and conservative pundit Ann Coulter. This hateful and spiteful bitch is no role model for anybody, and the less we see and hear from her, the better! She is cold-hearted, mouthy, vile, and utterly reprehensible, and has no place in civilized civic discourse! She has been polluting our airwaves for much too long!

11. Fox “News” host Sean Hannity. This way-over-the-top moron has dutifully spewed forth mountains of bullshit for this far-less-than-credible media outlet for much too long, and it is a miracle he can even get to sleep at night! He obviously has no conscience whatsoever. Where in hell does Fox find creeps like this anyway?

12.  Both the presidential counselor Kellyanne Con-job and presidential press secretary Sarah Huckster Slanders. Each of these bimbos are massive liars who apparently have no clue as to what the truth actually is! To think that our tax dollars are being wasted on paying them is a disgraceful crime!

13. The self-appointed, ass-kissing presidential lawyer, Rudy Giu-LIE-ani. Thus charlatan is a scandalous, bitterly partisan media hog, who, much like Trump, craves media attention and will say almost anything to get it! Like an old “Chatty Kathy” doll, this buffoon cannot shut himself up and his gargantuan amounts of confused contradictions are becoming too much to handle. Even Trump has gotten pissed off with him, and when one lies too much for Trump, one is waaaaayyy off the table! Does this babbling idiot even know what he is saying half the time? The self-centered son of a bitch should be cast adrift in the middle of the north Pacific Ocean in a rickety boat with only one oar!

14. Last, but most definitely not least, is the current president himself – Donald J. Trump. We have never – and must NEVER AGAIN – allow such a pathological liar as he to be elected to ANY political office! By the time his term is up in 2021,  the number of lies he has told could exceed an unbelievably mammoth 16,000! That is far beyond criminal –  it belongs in the realm of utter insanity! This chronically spoiled rotten, unhappy, always-pouting, insecure and paranoid imbecile is a menace to normal, basically honest people. Trump, being the king-of-all-sleazebags, wouldn’t know truth if it came up to him and bit him squarely on his ass! There MUST be a padded cell out there with with Trump’s name plastered all over it, and let us hope and pray he will be put into it very quickly!  Better yet, he should be walled into it!

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