January 31, 2019  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.

COUNTDOWN: We will continue to be plagued by this Trump Crime Syndicate misadministration for another 713 more sorry days…

Recently, Donald Trump was bemoaning the scenario where one of his opponents could label him as a Herbert Hoover-type. He may have had a point in expressing that fear. There are many differences between the two men: Hoover was a far more affable man, and he did show leadership ability we have yet to see the likes of in Trump. He believed that government had a role to play in people’s lives (albeit on a limited basis), and he never dreamed of trying to profit from it. Yet there are a number of similarities. Trump’s inaction during his bogus government shutdown has led to 800,000 federal employees being shut out of work, plus over 1 million more who were government contractors have also been permanently deprived of a paycheck. Though Trump finally relented and agreed to end his grandstanding shutdown, relief could only be temporary, and that idiot could impose another one after February 15…
Here on the left is a depression-era family. They were uncertain about the future and were forced to live with hunger and deprivation – all of which resulted from the Stock Market crash of 1929.  Here below are victims of Trump’s government shutdown.  They are also uncertain about their future, and many have lined up at food banks because they have not been paid in well over a month. Some will unfortunately lose their homes due to their inability to make a mortgage payment. Their woes were caused by President Trump’s closing of the government, which, unlike the depressi0n family, was caused deliberately by their cold-hearted, unfeeling and thoroughly insensitive president.

Hoover’s presidency, unlike Trump’s, was relatively scandal-free. He didn’t use the lie as a political tool the way Trump has, nor did he grandstand to get personal attention. The worst that happened was that financially-strsapped World War I veterans protesting lack of early benefits during the Great Depression were fired upon in Washington by an overly trigger-happy egomaniac named Gen. Douglas McArthur – an occurrence Hoover would have never approved of. There were no corruption scandals, because, unlike Trump, Hoover never surrounded himself with a cadre of greedy, tainted billionaire advisors.  But because Hoover was viewed  as not doing enough to remedy the nation’s economic ills,  he  was defeated by a landslide in his bid for a second term. This perception of “Hooverism” and the images of refugee camps known as “Hoovervilles” would linger in memories and would lead to overall massive defeats for his Republican Party, with rare exception, for the next five decades!  

Trump, surrounded as he is by a Cabinet of out-of-touch billionaires like Wilbur Ross, who have absolutely no clue as to how much working Americans are struggling today, is undeniably insensitive to their needs, and that is why he refused for over a month to budge to end his ridiculous shutdown.  With compliant Republican allies in control of the Senate, that is precisely why, in the 2020 elections, the CON-servative Republican Party will lose control of that body, just as they did in the House  during last year’s elections – and the new aversion to “Trumpism” will surely keep them out of power for decades more to come. Trump AND the GOP will be deservedly punished by voters, just as Republicans were from the 1930s to 1980. And, of course, this blogger will have no sympathy for that wretched party whatsoever!
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