February 21, 2019  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.  

COUNTDOWN: There remain 692 more days to go in this utterly awful and totally corrupt Trump misadministration…          

During his overly-long and meaningless State of the Disunion address a few weeks back, Donald Trump made a telling statement about how he and his CON-servative Republican Party may attempt to run his 2020 re-election campaign. Trump said “America will never be a socialist country!” That may be true – but only if one considers “socialist” to be the same as what we have previously seen implemented in the old Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, China, or other such dictatorships – and that would be certainly UNtrue for OUR democratic nation! Trump and his allies will undoubtedly try to portray his Democratic opponents as being far-left  and will claim that voting Democratic will result in higher taxes for everybody and the loss of freedom and liberty here at home. Republicans have been doing this for years – there is nothing original about it; W and DICK Cheney used it rather successfully in the first decade of this century. If today’s group  tries this, it will just be one more in an ever-growing list of Trump and CON-servative Republican LIES! 

The TRUTH of the matter is that the United States has already adopted many of the ideas which were once considered “socialist,” The 8 hour work day is now accepted as normal and desirable, but, when it was first proposed in 1901, was considered “socialist.” So too was Social Security, and the legalization of labor unions, which came into being way back in 1935, and Medicare and Medicaid, both of which were put into effect in the mid-1960s. ALL of these are now valued and accepted nationwide. In fact, numerous polls have consistently shown that a significant majority of us LIKE the “sociallistic” practices we employ at present, and are not at all willing to give them up.

Consider this: “socialism” means that the people, rather than powerful monied corporations, own and control the ways that goods or services are produced and used. Thus, it would seem that neighborhood, apartment, or condo associations practice socialism – and nobody squawks against those. The entire country has a public school system which sets standards for education and guarantees that everyone -rich, poor, or middle class – plus young as well as old – has equal access to learn science, mathematics, reading, writing, history, civics, language, foreign languages, philosophy, trades, art, music, or whatever else suits their individual fancy. Private, parochial schools allow for the teaching of specific religions and flourish alongside these public schools, and adopt all of the same standards as do their public school counterparts. This, too, is “socialism,” as some sort of democratically- elected group (usually, school boards) sets those important standards and follows up to see they are properly instilled.

The water we drink and the quality of air we breathe in our communities is regulated by our government to ensure it is pure and healthy. Sewage plants carry away our harmful waste and protect us from disease, and all of this is publicly-owned: yet one more form of common “socialism.” While overall our health care system is privately-owned and operated, a huge government-run health care group known as the Department of Veterans Affairs has been providing health care for our veterans for many years – and most veterans are damn glad to have it! That could also be considered “socialistic.”

Throughout numerous areas of our country, socialistic groups like the federally-operated U. S. Bureau of Reclamation provide a lot of the electricity and water used in desert meccas like Los Angeles, Denver, Salt Lake City, Reno, Las Vegas, and Tucson – among many others. We are protected by our government-run and funded military; all of our highways, roads, and bridges, plus our public parking ramps and almost all of our airports and public transit systems are government-run; as are our Secret Service, FBI, our beautiful National Park system; plus, on the local level, our police, fire, and other first responders (a group Trump has praised effusively many times).

In Appalachia, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has supplied power and agricultural opportunity to that once-depressed area since the New Deal days of the 1930s – and nobody denigrates it as being “socialistic.”

The Food and Drug Administration regulates drugs and inspects food to ensure what we are consuming is safe and uniform. While some claim that its regulations are a bit stringent, it has kept spoiled meat and worthless elixirs from reaching us, and public utilities commissions prevent energy producers from grossly overcharging us.

NOBODY in their right minds would ever dare denounce them as being “socialistic”!

For those who say they would never vote for any socialist, keep in mind that we have had socialists on our ballots many times throughout the years, and the leftward push they provided has greatly benefitted the nation! Eugene Debs, an avowed socialist, got an astounding 6% of the popular vote in the presidential election of 1912, and Frances Perkins, FDR’s Labor Secretary, made possible the implementation of Social Security during the Great Depression – something that saved millions of seniors from starvation in those horrible years where our privatized capitalistic system failed us miserably!

Last, and far from least, is our U.S. Postal System. It delivers to every single address in our entire country; something no privately-owned c0mpany like UPS or FedEx doesn’t even do! Years ago, I had left my eyeglasses behind in a relatively flat small country I was visiting. I contacted the spot where I had left them, and they put them in their mail system that very same day. It took 5 full days for me to get them back  at the new address I was at – which was less than 300 miles away! At home here, regular mail service to anywhere in the nation rarely takes more than 4 days. Hats off to our postal system – government owned and operated as it is! “Socialistic” or not – it is undoubtedly the BEST in the world!

These are but a few of many examples of publicly-owned, so-called “socialist” systems which function beautifully all the time in our country. They protect us from the excesses of capitalism (which are often many) and from greedy, self-centered profiteers like our president! The cold-hearted and uncaring Trump can piss and moan all he wants about “socialism”, but even he, too, has availed himself of the many socialist values our country has integrated into its network of programs, and they are serving us magnificently each day of the year!

So don’t let lying blowhards like Trump and his minions scare you into voting for tired old Republican  dinosaurs with their lies and deceit – NO “democratic socialist” will EVER try to imprison you in some kind of macabre American gulag!  All these greedy liars are trying  to do is protect the already wealthy profiteers who want to keep selling us short and ripping us off! 🙁
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