March 7, 2019  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.  

COUNTDOWN: Determination, everyone – we WILL outlast this trashy  presidency! There are now just 672 days remaining in the Trump Crime Syndicate’s  misadministration…

Good day, everybody. The election of a record number of progressive-minded women, minorities, and first-time office seekers in last fall’s congressional races  has fueled an incredible number of similar aspirants for the 2020 elections – including a sizable amount of women Democratic presidential contenders! In this blogger’s viewpoint, it is a VERY healthy sign that voters will reject Donald Trump and even more of his backward-thinking Republican supporters than they did in 2018.

In today’s post, I have decided to concentrate on the marked contrasts between the old, pampered, and comfortable – and the new, forward-thinking, and struggling contenders whom I believe represent a bright future for our nation.  

Let us begin with the old – Donald Trump and his CON-servative staff and allies. The new House Judiciary, Intelligence, and Ways and Means Committees are about to begin some much-needed investigations of the president’s business practices and abuses of power. Gone will be the old Trump method of doing whatever he damn well pleases whenever and however, and that is GOOD! His longtime lawyer Michael Cohen will soon begin to serve a 3 year prison term and testified against his former client before beginning his sentence. His testimony was damaging to Trump, as he produced a copy of one of the reimbbursement checks, signed by Trump himself, which had been sent to him to pay him back for the hush money payments Cohen had made to one of Trump’s extramarital sexual partners. He also revealed how Trump deliberately ignored advice from his then chief of staff and attorneys, among others, and had demanded that his son -in-law, the wimpy, pampered, and completely inexperienced Jared Kushner, be given clearance for top secret intelligence briefings. This was done so that Kushner could be sent overseas to craft a Mideast peace agreement (which still has yet to happen)  – talk about the blind and incompetent  leading the blind! In reality, however, Kushner has been trying to lay the groundwork for a future fortune he hopes to make for himself as well as for his father-in-law.

Trump had previously made both Kushner and his wife, Trump’s daughter Ivanka, members of his top staff – NONE of whom had any experience whatsoever in government. Her only apparent qualification was that she is his daughter and had previously displayed her marketing and exploitative “abilities” by having traveled to China to purchase some clothing made by lowly-paid Chinese textile workers to sell to American consumers at an enormous profit. She, just like her father and husband, had each been given enormous wealth by their respective daddies, and had used it to line their own pockets. Namby-pamby husband Jared had met early-on with the Saudi royal family to foster future business with that oppressive kingdom. These are typical moves for each of them, as they are all spoiled rotten and have deliberately chosen to ignore or exploit those below them on the economic scale.

(I heard a lot of Trump’s 122 minute way too long speech at this year’s CPAC [Crazy People At Conference] gathering this past weekend. Naturally, he was grandstanding as he always does, strutting around like a proud peacock, and, of course, he had nothing new to offer except more nausea for us sane and regular persons. Let’s face it: Trump is a very, very, very, VERY BAD MAN!)

These wealthy Trumps have a disgusting number of loyal supporters (many of whom were at CPAC), and apologists in Congress, notably Republicans Mark Meadows from NC and Jim Jordan of CA in the House, both of whom defend anything the Trump clan says or does with a vengeance. They will reliably attack any Democratic politician or position in their mean-spiritrd midst…

Over in the Senate, we find the most contemptible consti-pated turtle known as Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell. This Trump puppet is so spineless and fearful of the president that Trump can usually always count on him to do his bidding. These creeps are all bought-off and represent the old, comfortable face of the wretched Republican Party, and let us hope they will ALL be replaced in our next general election with newer, progressive-leaning leaders who will govern with the benefit of the entire country, rather than just the wealthy and privileged in mind!

Our former and tragically assassinated president, Democrat  John F. Kennedy,  had also been raised in tremendous wealth – yet he had the common sense, vision, and fairness to realize that government had the duty and moral responsibility to aid workers, the disadvantaged, and the poor and needy, so he embarked on a strongly pro-labor policy. His successor, Lyndon Johnson, furthered his aim by implementing a whole new series of federal anti-poverty programs which were called the Great Society. After that, the scandalous Republican Richard Nixon was successful in nearly eliminating or drastically changing most of them. UNLIKE what we are cursed withnow, none of these former presidents nor any of their closest staff members (with the glaring exception of Nixon’s corrupt VP Spiro Agnew) ever  attempted to use their office to further enrich themselves at taxpayer expense…

Now, we are very lucky in that we have newer strong voices on the horizon which have arisen to offer us great hope. One of these is freshman representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose rise I chronicled in my July 4, 2018 post. Predictably, the progressive Ms. Cortez has immediately become a lightning rod for criticism from the far-right, uncaring CON-servative Republicans, who are disparaging her with terms like “socialist” and are using her as bait to raise funds for Republican hopefuls. Yet another far-right target has been Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who says if she is elected President she will immediately implement a long-deserved tax INCREASE on the tremendously wealthy and their money-laden corporations. I find little to argue with her on that account, as years of tax cuts by Republicans (ESPECIALLY those by Donald Trump and George W. Bush) have saddled our country with a HUGE amount of unneeded debt and have prevented us from being able to expand sore;ly-needed increases in monthly benefits for Social Security recipients as well as the underprivileged and needy. Sen. Warren came fromn modest, lower middle class roots, so she is well aware that these Republican tax decreases for the rich are as stupid and wasteful as would be filling an altready full swimming pool with even more water, and all they accomplish is making the already wealthy even richer! Are we, as a nation, that foolish and unjust? I don’t think so – and we can prove it by throwing Trump and his CON-servative Republican followers OUT OF OFFICE in 2020! Let us continue the fight to replace these Republicans with forward-thinking and fairer-minded  Democrats in what I hope will be a pivotal, binding election whose conse-quences will be felt for many decades to come! Let’s teach these greedy, self-centered, and enabling fools a longterm lesson they will NEVER forget!!!!!!!!
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    • About jackjodell53 says:

      Thank you. I have always had great empathy for workers, as it is they, and NOT corporations, which do so much to make lives better!

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