March 21, 2019  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.  

COUNTDOWN: Future historians will undoubtedly marvel at how we were able to bear this unfathomable Trump Family Crime Syndicate’s misadministration for as long as we have. Today, there are still 659 more days until it will end!

“Donald Trump is a lightweight Twit who spends far too much of his time Tweeting insults at his perceived enemies and nowhere near enough time tending to his job as President.”
– Jack Jodell –

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s MORE important to be nice.”
– A wise old adage – 

The horribly maladjusted, paranoid, and thin-skinned misfit known as Donald Trump is not only a chronic blabbermouth bully and liar, but he is far too quick to lash out at anybody who criticizes him in the least or who he may see as a possible threat to his security. For a supposedly grown man, he all too often assigns infantile and wholly uncreative, derisive nicknames against those he sees as a possible threat to his continued power. Those of us who are regular, normal, level-headed people are justifiably sick to death of hearing about “Crooked Hillary”, “Little Jeb” Bush, “Pocahantas” (Elizabeth Warren), “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz, “Nutjob  James Comey”, “Little Marco” Rubio, or all of the others he has used to castigate and downgrade those he regards as enemies. In Trump’s case, (an admittedly extreme one), it is the exception rather than the rule that “niceness” should prevail…

For Trump has, in recent months, repeatedly criticized his former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, his fired FBI Director James Comey, and even Special Counsel Robert Mueller – a man of ability and unquestionable integrity who has deservedly received praise from both sides of the political aisle. In doing so, Trump has simply gone too far.

Regarding Sessions, Trump has been peeved at him since very early in his term, when Sessions displayed the morality to recuse himself from any and all matters relating to the role Russia had played in influencing the 2016 presidential election. Trump constantly belittled him and scorned him from that point forward, event-ually forcing him to resign, In the case of Comey, he abruptly fired the man HE had previously selected for the job: one who was well-liked by his compatriots and who had deservedly risen through the ranks of that organization, and had spent  years of service there. Trump lied about him, accusing him of creating a very poor morale in the agency – a claim that was pure, Trumpian bullshit! If anything, Comey was an admired and well-regarded American hero, who, UNlike Trump, never chose to embroil himself in petty political battles or tried to use his position to enrich himself! To his credit, Comey refused to pledge his loyalty to Trump and Trump alone.  Shortly after his unwarranted dismissal, Comey wrote and released a tell-all book, which further infuriated Trump. Good for Comey! Trump obviously had little regard for either his long and loyal years of service to the agency or his country. All Trump was interested in was his steadfast loyalty to him, and, upon learning that was unattainable, Trump took little time in discarding him as if he were a piece of trash. Another person Trump had personally selected, to be his Chief of Staff, was former Gen. John Kelly. The general, who achieved four-star status as a Marine Corps officer, had spent long decades in the Marines. In contrast, the president had avoided service altogether, as his father had bribed a doctor to diagnose suspicious “bone spurs” in the president’s feet, which enabled him to thus obtain a medical deferment during the Vietnam War. Kelly had been chosen to be  Director of Homeland Security until Trump replaced him there with the current bimbo, Kristin Nielsen. More than qualified to be Chief of Staff, Kelly started to exert authority in that position, as he should have. This caused him to fall into disfavor shortly thereafter with both the freewheeling spoiled-brat Trump as well as with his pampered and also spoiled-rotten sissy son-in-law, the wimpy, namby-pamby Jared Kushner, whose apparent sole reason for existence is to make money for himself and kiss his father-in-law’s ass. So, after a while, Kelly found himself to be surrounded with self-serving incompetents who were resisting his efforts to instill order and authority into the White House, so he was convinced to stay for a time until a replacement more to the president’s and Kushner’s liking could be found. Kelly left the post in early January, and was replaced with “Acting ” Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, whose appointment was announced by Trump on Jan. 2. He may carry this “Acting Chief of Staff” title for now, but it is all a facade, for Trump will do whatever he damn well pleases, and besides, it is Trump’s namby-pamby wimp son-in-law Jared Kushner who is the only one who has amy real, (if limited), influence on the president anyway. Mulvaney has also served as Trump’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget, so we’ll see how long he stays in his current, de facto revolving-chair position.  

Let us not forget the main player in Trump’s madcap game:  Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Years ago, when the spoiled brat and cowardly Trump was just starting out after having received a generous monetary gift from his father, and escaping military service due to a deferment for “bone spurs” in his foot (which his daddy bribed a doctor to give him), Special Counsel Robert Mueller was shot in the thigh during the start of his service in the Vietnam War. He had also seen other skirmishes during his time in the military and had risked his life for his country. Meanwhile, back home, draft-dodger Trump was beginning his criminal career and living in the lap of luxury. Today, Trump criticizes Mueller nonstop, completely ignoring the FACT that Mueller ranks as a hero for having risked his life and suffered injury in combat overseas! This disgusting president has no regard or respect for ANYONE, unless they are constantly praising or playing up to him.  

Last, but far from least, is the late Senator John McCain, whom Trump chose to lambast just last week for having voted against his anti-Obamacare legislation early in Trump’s term. The indisputable hero McCain was shot down over North Vietnam, captured, tortured, and held prisoner for more than five years during the Vietnam War – but none of that mattered to the cold-hearted and pathetically insensitive buffoon named Donald Trump. History will never forget Trump’s flippant 2016 campaign remark about how he “likes people who weren’t captured” – what an absolute ignoramus and gigantic horse’s ass this maladjusted misfit presi-dunce is to have insulted a dead national hero in such a disrespectful and utterly disgraceful manner as that! 🙁 🙁

These are the classic hallmarks of a very small man who has little character!

MANY have noted Trump’s instability and a good number are even Republicans. The latest has been George Conway, the husband of Trump advisor Kellyanne Con-job. It is high time for the authoritarian, pompous, nasty-mouthed, scandal-eidden, criminally corrupt Donald Trump to resign and get the hell  out of the way of good, competent, and CLEAN government!  🙁  Let’s face it – the “man” is a petty and obsessed, fully compromised gangster who should be in JAIL for the rest of his life!
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