March 28, 2019  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.  

COUNTDOWN: Today, there are still 652 more days left in this disgusting Trump Family Crime Syndicate’s misadministration…

Good day to all of you.  The political culture of the United States is currently plagued with a surreal lot of loathsome but influential people. Were I the casting coach for what has become a most derelict national political play, I would most deservedly be fired immediately for utter incompetence and for having inflicted such a dreadful group onto the nation. However, and thankfully, I am not to blame for the rise of any of these jerks to national prominence.  After all, I sure as hell never voted for the criminal mobster “Don” Donald Trump – in fact, I lambasted that moron long before he had ever become president. I cannot stand the smugness of his family or any of his closest associates, and can’t wait for them to be either jailed or to fade forever from our view into the dustbin of history.

With a great deal of revulsion, I will list most of them here today. In no particular order, here is this dozen of a very unsavory group:

 1. ROGER STONE. This unrepentant criminal scumbag has been devoted to his Don for years – and shares Trump’s defiance and overinflated sense of importance. He is also being typically uncooperative, and will more than deserve the longest possible jail sentence when his time comes! From his ridiculous looking eye frames all the way down, this goof takes the cake for absurdity. Give us a big break, o pompous and defiant one!

 2. GEORGE PAPADOPOULOS. This slime ball has served time in prison for lying to the FBI about meetings he had with Russian nationals, who were likely Intelligence members, while supposedly serving as a foreign policy adviser to the Trump election campaign. and had he not been a braggart and a big mouth, he would never have been caught acting as an unwitting dupe to Russian agents. May he be permanently disgraced because of his boastfulness and complete stupidity.   

 3. PAUL MANAFORT. Once high and mighty as yhe campaign chairman of the victorious Trump election campaign, this practitioner of deceit lied to Congress about his shady business dealings in Ukraine and greedily didn’t pay his taxes. so he is now serving time in federal prison. Good riddance, you opportunistic, money-obsessed liar!

 3. STEPHEN MILLER. As the chief architect of his Don Donald Trump’s “immigration policy”, this numbskull misfit directed that innocent young children be taken away from their parents at our southern border  and transferred forcibly to detention camps to dissuade their parents from trying to enter our country – legally or illegally. This heartless fool, along with his boss, more than deserves top billing at the head of our all-time national hall of shame as “kidnappers-in-chief”! I shudder to think of  the sluggish globs of ice which are found in his very cold veins and arteries!

 4. “MR. IVANKA” JARED KUSHNER. The namby-pamby, wimpy Jared Kushner, husband of Trump’s daughter, is, just like the Trump clan, pampered from birth and is woefully undeserving of his job as a senior adviser to the president on foreign affairs. Aside from kissing the asses of both Trump and the new  Saudi monarch, this little sissy (whose first name, in Hebrew, translates to “rose”) has accomplished nothing of value  for our country – what a complete waste of humanity!  

 5. ERIC TRUMP. This feisty and mouthy spoiled little baby has lasheed out at the press on behalf of his father, and is clearly not in the know about anything.  He reinforces the old saying about how “children should be seen and not heard” – but in his case, this blogger says he should shut up and not even be seen! I would advise him to go off on another African safari and get permanently lost.  

 6. IVANKA “MS. JARED” TRUMP. Nepotism, anyone? Take about a year and think hard – then tell me of anything at all useful this bimbo has contributed to the country as a “senior” White House adviser. Hint: kissing her father’sass doesn’t count, nor does flying over to China to buy goods made by cheaply paid, exploited Chinese workers to sell here at inflated prices! Were it not for her father, I can’t imagine how she would fare on this planet in normal, everyday circumstances!

 7. VLADIMIR PUTIN. This man presides over an administration that is even more corrupt than Don Donald Trump’s, and he leads Trump around like an obedient, ever-compliant puppy. No wonder Trump has cozied-up to him and been so unwilling to offend him in any way! The jury may still be out on this, but it is my firm belief that he saw Trump as an unwitting sucker he could dominate so he threw his weight behind the effort to get Trump elected in 2016 – and his gamble has paid off handsomely for both leaders ever since! This sneaky tyrant bears being closely scrutinized – even more than Trump does!

 8. DONALD TRUMP, JR. Trump’s eldest son and namesake is apparently a chip off the old block – as he lacks scruples just ss his daddy does. It was he who played a big role in having a Russian delegation come to Trump Tower before the 2016 election to supposedly give them damaging info on Trump’s Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton. After this meeting became publicly known and caused a scandal, he and daddy fed the press the LIE that the meeting was about rekindling American adoption of Russian infants. Just like his daddy, Junior is a ne’er do well who only cares about himself and his family. It is my fervent hope that he, too, will get lost on an African safari with his mouthy brother Eric!  

 9. RUDY GIULIANI. Years back, he was the respected mayor of New York City who rose to fame during the horrible 9/11 days. Then this opportunistic and camera-hungry scumbag took a permanent turn for the worse and became a notorious liar and gigantic partisan political hack. He kissed W’s ass all over and now, as Trump’s self-appointed personal lawyer, is doubling down and repeating it with a gullible Trump. He loves the spotlight just as Trump does, and will say or do almost anything to get camera attention.

 10. MIKE FLYNN. This former high-ranking General is now disgraced and is serving time in prison.  His 2016 GOP Convention cries of “lock her up!”in reference to Hillary Clinton have come around to bite him squarely on his own ass, For once,  justice has prevailed and it is now he – rather than Hillary – doing  jail time!

11. MICHAEL COHEN. Once Don Donald Trump’s personal attorney who took care of bribing two of the president’s sexual affairs participants to keep silent just before the 2016 election, and is now sentenced to a prison term, Cohen had been a furious wheeler-dealer and mammoth liar in service to Trump. He found out what a huge mistake that was, and saw that loyalty to Trump is a one-way street, so he decided to come clean and blow the whistle on the crooked dealings of his former boss. Naturally, the far-right media jumped all over hin for having done so, but I’m sure he is glad that he chose that route and can now sleep easily at night. His anti-Trump testimony before Congress vwas revealing and vital – and extremely damning to the president. Thank you, Michael – you have learned an important lesson and benefitted your country!

12. FINALLY, we round out this truly smarmy dozen with the king of the crime syndicate, Don President Donald Trump himself!  They say if it walks like a mobster, talks like a mobster, thinks like amobster, and acts like a mobster, it IS a mobster (in this case, a mobster-in-chief). This petty and very insecure spoiled-rotten man/child is a shallow, weak, vain, and compromised crook who is incapable of handling the important duties of his high office. Although the Mueller Report found him not fully accountable for the way Putin’s Russia interfered in the 2016 election, it did NOT absolve or exonerate him of guilt on a number of Obstruction of Justice cases, as the Southern District of New York’s report will surely prove he was invcolved in! Nonetheless, this LIAR is out trumpeting his “innocence” to the media! Just wait, Trump – you will definitely get yours! That is why you must be REPLACED in the 2020 election and succeeded by someone who, unlike you, is clearly qualified for the job!!! Trump:  the walls will be closing in on you shortly, and you will NOT escape!
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