April 1, 2019  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.  

COUNTDOWN: Lest you become overly impatient, there are yet 648 more days remaining in this very sub-par Trump Family Crime Syndicate’s misadministration…

Hello to all, and happy April Fools Day. Burr will return next week with one of his magnificent podcasts. Today, we will focus on some of our current April fools, namely key members of the presi-dunce’s cabinet.

Those of us who have been following our bullshitter-in-chief mobster president, Don Donald Trump for years, know that he is not merely unfit for his job, but also that he has assembled perhaps the worst presidential cabinet in history. From naming his ass-kissing, pampered, wimpy,  thoroughly unqualified son-in-law Jared Kushner and his equally unqualified daughter Ivanka to be his “senior advisers” to nearly all of the rest of his cabinet, Trump has saddled this country with waaayyyy too many inadequate underperformers. Let’s look at some of these abysmal low -lifes:

1. BETSY DeVOS.  As the head of the Department of Education, one would expect that this billionaire bimbo would know something about public education.  But nooo – this idiot spent her entire time in school as a child    at exclusive  private, rather than public schools – and it shows. As such, she is an unabashed advocate of charter schools, which are nowhere near the same as public schools  in that they are not free and almost always exclude the poor, That is unacceptable, as was the way she has  successfully prevented  Detroit’s charter schools from being held to greater accountability.  Worse yet, she began an advocacy group  which threatened the very existence of  public schools. But the absolute worst of all was how she came out strongly in favor of Trump’s abysmal budget, which contained NO funding for the popular Special Olympics program which greatly helps handicapped kids. Her phony and stupid-looking smile as she was grilled in a congressional hearing over this made her look not only demented, but showed her to be insensitive and completely unaware of  its horrible implications – as well as having ice in her cold-hearted veins.  O great exalted one, spare all of us non-billionaires, you jerk!

2. KIRSTJEN NIELSEN.  Another cold-hearted creep is Trump’s Director of Homeland Security, who has lobbied Congress to make it possible for her to deport undocumented minors much quicker and to be able to detain refugee immigrant families beyond the existing 20 day maximum. It would certainly appear that she fully supports Trump’s hatred of brown-skinned refugees and wishes to make them think long and hard before deciding to emigrate here from  below our border. This blonde, blue-eyed and fair-skinned bimbo also lacks the empathy and understanding one in her position needs. She, like Trump, has made noise bout shutting down our southern virder. Give us all a gigantic break, Nielsen!

3. WILBUR ROSS.   As Trump’s Commerce Secretary, he is in charge of maintaining sustainable economic growth and improving living standards for all of our citizens.  So far, however, he has done very little to aid our steadily growing number of poor and has spent time lobbying for a citizenship question to be added to our upcoming 2020 census. Census officials oppose this effort, saying that it will lead to a decrease in census participants, thereby making the census less accurate. Better start tending to your job, Mr. Ross, instead of becoming involved with a bunch of extracurricular nonsense.  

4. STEVE MNUCHIN. As the Secretary of the Treasury,  one is required to do more than touring a money printing plant and taking his new bride on an expensive, government-paid honeymoon jaunt to Europe using a military jet. What rock do these jerks crawl out from under, and how is it that so many of them end up in Trump’s cabinet? It is this former Wall Street banker we have to thank for Trump’s unneeded and deficit expanding tax cut for billionaires. What a complete waste of tax dollars to have to pay this elitist billionaire even one stinkin’ penny!  

5.  LINDA McMAHON. This lady has just resigned from her post as Director of the Small Business Administration  Good for her! Trump doesn’t give a shit about small business anyway, as  there are no billionaires involved with it. We can now add her to the growing list of Trump associates or cabinet heads who have either resigned, were jailed, are awaiting trial or  sentencing, were fired, or abruptly quit in frustration at having had to work with or under such an incompetent narcossist and egomaniac!  

6. MIKE POMPEO.  Previously a very lackluster conserv-ative Republican member of the House, Pompeo is now Trump’s Secretary of State, having succeeded Rex Tillerson in that post. His solitary notable achievement thus far has been in getting Trump to meet with the murderous North Kprean dictator Kim Jing Un.  

These members’ times may be limited, as Trump is a spoiled-bat authoritar-ian who would vastly prefer to do away with each of them  and run the government all by himself, in his way, as a most unenlightened despot!   🙁                                                ==========================================================
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