April 4, 2019  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.  

COUNTDOWN: Slowly but surely, we will extricate ourselves from the Trump Family Crime Syndicate’s clutches, as their time in office keeps dropping steadily: there are now only 645 days left in this miserable, self-serving  mobster’s misadministration…

Greetings to all! We have recently seen an inkling of how mobster-in-chief Don Donald Trump will try to portray his Democratic opponents in the 2020 presidential election: as wild-eyed, unthinking, irresponsible spend-us-out-of-existence “socialists,” He will completely ignore the FACT that his unneeded, very costly tax cut for billionaires was a classic case of socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor, of course – he’ll still label the Democrats as being socialist. The term “socialism” has unfortrunately become taboo in American politics ever since the Russian Marxist revolution and the consequential “red scare” back in 1917, and especially since the advent of the Cold War days following World War II, when Stalinism and the old, (now non-exustent), Soviet Union was exporting revolution worldwide and engulfing previously democratic countries or monarchies every place they could with newly-installed repressive dictatorships. Under the banner of “socialism” countries were becoming enslaved, with no freedom of soeech, no allowed religion, and no freedom of the press or free markets permitted, and a number of dictatorial and corrupt “communist” regimes were placed in power. Trump, ever the mammoth liar, has already attempted to paint this dismal portrait where no such thing exists. It is vital to remember that a number of “social democracies” exist today, especially in Europe. In those countries, intelligent and civilized free people have established governments to ensure that all people have access to free education, medical care, and, in some cases, a guaranteed minimum national personal income – unlike here, where it is pretty much every person for themselves economically. This is an old trick CON-servative Republicans have used over and over since the days of the disgraced and resigned crooked president Dick Nixon, so it is hardly new or original. It is merely a scare tactic to get voters to vote against Democrats

First and foremost, NO Democratic candidate for any office favors the complete dissolution of capitalism or the free markets which exist today. Even self-proclaimed democratic socialists like Sen. Bernie Sanders of VT and first-term congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of NY are not advocating  the abolition of capitalism in favor of a state-run economy. Nor are reformers, like Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of MA. Instead, these visionary leaders, as well as their growing numbers of followers, favor new, updated regulations for huge multinational corporations to ensure they are acting for the public good rather than only for their own, narrowly-focused private profits at public expense. The hyperbole the far-right has come up with to denounce their goals is as disgusting as it is untrue. Far-right Fox “News” pundit Sean Hannity, (with his 1920s-style schoolboy “Alfalfa” haircut), has claimed that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is “dangerous”, while New York businessman Donny Deutsch has inferred that the congresswoman does not know what she is talking about. (We can assume, though, that Mr. Deutsch knows what he is talking about. For, much like Trump, he , too, inherited his father’s business, and thus thinks he can be allowed to “know” the struggles of everyday working people in our nation  –  bah)! As for Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, she understands fully the struggles of working people in this country, as she served many years beforehand as a laboreer, having been a bartender and a waitress before entering Congress in an upset election last summer! (I championed her victory here in my July 4, 2018 post).

Secondly, the sad fact of the matter is this: unlike Trump and a number of other congresspersons, our newer, just-elected batch of freshman congress members have largely come from working class backgrounds, and that is precisely why they are so strongly committed to progressive social and economic justice legislation! They haven’t been tainted first by multimillion dollar inheritances or by lucrative national and international contracts. That makes them far closer to the millions of Americans they serve, and guarantees that they know the value of a dollar much more than does the president, many congresspersons, or the arrogant media personalities who choose to demean and disparage them. Remember: yesterday’s “socialist” programs have become valued and needed realities in today’s world, as the continued support for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid has shown time and again! Due to these proven programs, no elderly or handicapped person  need ever do without enough food or medical attention, and can live a suitable and dignified life, as they should be able to do!

So long live Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders! May the influence of these real-life public servants and those who vote like them soon be felt in abundance all throughout the land! 🙂  🙂
TIME FOR A SONG (to the tune of the old folk classic
The Old Gray Mare”)

The old gray crook just ain’t what he thinks he is
Ain’t what he says he is
Ain’t what he tries to be  

The old gray liar ain’t what he claims he is
Everybody KNOWS he’s PHONY!…

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