April 11, 2019  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.  

COUNTDOWN: We have 638 days left in this sorry excuse for a president’s term in office…  

Not only myself, but dozens upon dozens of politiccal pundits throughout the world have noticed and commented on how different (and that is being kind) the criminal Don Donald Trump is, and how he has numerous (infinite?) oddities in his behavior and  policy positions.  

Trump revels in the imaginary, deluded world he has created for himself. With syco-phants like Kellyanne Con-job and Sarah Huckster Slanders all around him, and, internationally, with Vladimir Putin manipulating him as often as possible,  it is easy to see how Trump has been able to elude reality. However, Europeans see the light where Trump and his far-right supporters  cannot, as the millions who have held anti-Trump rallies all across the UK and western Europe have shown. They correctly see him as an infantile spoiled brat who must be ignored rather than followed.  Worse than that, he is stubborn and will not listen to reason, especially if that “reason” goes against one 0f his hunches or preconceived notions (which are, much more than not, horribly wrong).

The man’s insecurities and para-noia are astounding. Like a gangster, he has surrounded himself with loyalists and ass-kissers like his wimpy son-in-law Jared Kushner and his pampered daughter Ivanka, neither of whom could function properly in a normal business environment had they not first been given millions of dollars to work with.   Jared was given millions to set up his real estate business in New York, and both he and Ivanka have used their White House positions to further enrich themselves with lucrative deals overseas. For that matter, even Trump was given a hefty $1 MILLION by his father to launch his real estate company and inherited many millions later on – yet he still managed to waste it all and declared bankruptcy multiple times – robbing many contractors and laborers of monies duly owed them just so he could escape financial liability. He has gone through numerous Cabinet officials in the half-term he has been in office, including an unreal three Chiefs of Staff and, as of Sunday, three Directors of Homeland Security! Reliable sources reveal that Kirstjen Nielsen resigned because she refused a Trump order to break the law, and now the absolute-zero, cold-hearted anti-social dolt Stephen Miller will execute even stiffer enforcement of Trump’s paranoid immigration “policy.” A familiar pattern has emerged: after he has selected cabinet heads, he either fires them or they resign within a short time, as they find he is impossible to deal with, impossible to please, or they were not qualified to deal with their positions in the first place. For a guy who claims to be a successful businessman, that is surely no way to run a business and definitely no way to run the Executive Branch of our government!

Trump is also a pathological liar. He overstates everything so it can be bigger and more grandiose than it really is. A reporter for The Washington Post has been tracking Trump’s lies: at this point in his misadministration, the number is almost 10,000 of them! That is wholly unacceptable by any standard.

The Europeans have it 100% correct: Trump is indeed a spoiled little baby who is never content and always wants more: more attention, more publicity, more money – you name it. Too much is never enough for this narcissist. Everything has to be his way, and he must control and dominate everyone and everything in his path. This malcontent should not be allowed to run a business, let alone the most powerful nation on earth!

Now Congress has asked for the past 6 years of Trump’s tax returns – a completely legitimate and legal request, especially since Trump, unlike EACH of  his predecessors for the past FORTY YEARS, has steadfastly refused to do so. Originally, he LIED and said he was being audited and would release them after the audit was done. However, simply because one was supposedly being audited does NOT mean his taxes can’t be released for congreszsional scrutiny or oversight. Obviously, Trump has something to hide: perhaps his income and fortune is nowhere near as large as he says it is, or he is trying to hide illegal money-laundering activities he has been involved in, or he is tryimg to conceal financial influence foreign countries are exerting or have exerted upon him. Regardless, we can be certain that the truth about his complicated finances WILL eventually come to light, and they may very well mean prison time for this crooked head of the Trump Family Crime Syndicate!

Let’s face it: Don Donald Trump is an obstinate fool who is becoming increasingly incapable of properly tending to his important job as president. He is miffed that he cannot get everything he wants all the times president, and wishes that he had the command of power his Russian friend Vladimir Putin has.  That is why both he AND his partisan Republican supporters who enable him must be removed from office in the 2020 elections! We have to remain resolute in our determination that this horrid Donald Trump presidency will forever stay as an abberant, one-of-a- kind one, and NEVER to be repeated again!  🙁
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